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  1. What is MongoDB
  2. What is NoSQL
  3. Differences between SQL and NoSQL
  4. What are the Benefits of NoSQL Databases?
  5. Use-case Toyota Material Handling Europe

> What is MongoDB

MongoDB is a document database, which means it stores data in JSON-like documents. We believe this is the most natural way to think about data, and is much more expressive and powerful than the traditional row/column model.


  • The most natural and productive way to work with data.
  • Supports arrays and nested objects as values.
  • Allows for flexible and dynamic schemas.

MongoDB’s document model is simple for developers to learn and use, while still providing all the capabilities needed to meet the most complex requirements at any scale. They provide drivers for 10+ languages, and the community has built dozens more.

MongoDB is free to use. Versions released prior to October 16, 2018 are published under the AGPL. All versions released after October 16, 2018, including patch fixes for prior versions, are published under the Server Side Public License (SSPL) v1.

> What is NoSQL

NoSQL databases emerged in the late 2000s as the cost of storage dramatically decreased. Gone were the days of needing to create a complex, difficult-to-manage data model simply for the purposes of reducing data duplication. Developers (rather than storage) were becoming the primary cost of software development, so NoSQL databases optimized for developer productivity.

>Differences between SQL and NoSQL

> What are the Benefits of NoSQL Databases?

Flexible data models :

Horizontal scaling :

  • Most NoSQL databases allow you to scale-out horizontally, meaning you can add cheaper, commodity servers whenever you need to.

Fast queries :

  • Queries in NoSQL databases can be faster than SQL databases. Data in NoSQL databases is typically stored in a way that is optimized for queries. The rule of thumb when you use MongoDB is Data is that is accessed together should be stored together. Queries typically do not require joins, so the queries are very fast

Easy for developers :

  • Some NoSQL databases like MongoDB map their data structures to those of popular programming languages. This helps developers to store their data in the application code. It can allow developers to write less code, leading to faster development time and fewer bugs.

> Use-case Toyota Material Handling Europe

“At Toyota, we aim to be number one in industry 4.0,” explained Filip Dadgar, Principal System Architect and IT-Manager at Toyota Material Handling Europe.

Toyota Material Handling Europe have already connected over 100000 warehouse trucks with integrated telematics. The trucks are put to use in virtually every business from manufacturing and warehousing to transport.

Here is the YouTube Link on (Highlights) How Toyota Material Handling is Creating Smarter Factories by Moving to MongoDB Atlas :

In this Filip explained what it was he liked about MongoDB: “The most beautiful part is the data model. Everything is a natural JSON document. So for the developers, it is easy, really easy for them to work with quickly. Spending time on building business value, rather than data modeling.”

In this video they have shared there eight evaluation criteria

  1. Performance — latency, scalable reads and writes to meet customer SLAs and accommodate significant growth in the future
  2. Automatic scalability, operations, and maintenance that enable developers to focus on applications, rather than backend database administration
  3. Security and compliance to safeguard highly sensitive business and personal data
  4. Data locality — able to host in Northwest Europe or West Europe in Microsoft Azure, therefore, ensuring close geographic proximity to factories for latency-sensitive operations
  5. Automatic backups and restore to provide fully-managed data protection and disaster recovery
  6. Cloud agnostic, giving customers the freedom to run anywhere, on any platform
  7. Developer friendly database with a flexible data model so that developers can continuously integrate new application functionality and stay ahead of market demands
  8. Ecosystem for developer productivity, using proven best practices and widely available skills

Filip said: “Have you met these people? They are always happy to help us. They always smile and they always give us the best support. The team could plan MongoDB University into their sprint and ensure everyone gained a high level of knowledge on the technology very quickly.”



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