What is Clustering?

The history :

What is meant by the K-means algorithm?

Describing a Helm chart

|- .helmignore
|- Chart.yaml
|- values.yaml
|- charts/
|- templates/
  • .helmignore: This holds all the files to ignore when packaging the chart. Similar to .gitignore, if you are familiar with git.
  • Chart.yaml: This is where you put all the information about the chart you are packaging. So, for example, your version number, etc. This is where you will put all those details.
  • Values.yaml: This is…

Step 1: Pull the Docker container image of CentOS image from DockerHub and create a new container


  1. What is MongoDB
  2. What is NoSQL
  3. Differences between SQL and NoSQL
  4. What are the Benefits of NoSQL Databases?
  5. Use-case Toyota Material Handling Europe

> What is MongoDB

Here are some steps we have to follow :

🔅 Launch ec2-instances on AWS Cloud eg. for master and slave.

🔅 Create roles that will configure master node and slave node separately.

🔅 Launch a WordPress and MySQL database connected to it in the respectine slaves.

🔅 Expose the WordPress pod and client able hit the WordPress ip with its respective port.

What is Kubernetes ?


🔅 Create Ansible Playbook to launch 3 AWS EC2 Instance
🔅 Create Ansible Playbook to configure Docker over those instances.
🔅 Create Playbook to configure K8S Master, K8S Worker Nodes on the above created EC2 Instances using kubeadm.
🔅 Convert Playbook into roles and Upload those role on your Ansible Galaxy.


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